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Sines Incorporated is a distributor of gas and oil located in Lake County, Ohio. As a family business, Sines Inc. is now in its 3rd generation and continuing to grow since their humble beginning as J.H. Sines Gas and Oil Distributor in 1957. Founded on the principle of community, Sines Inc. strives to provide a much needed service at an affordable price while remaining in the local area.

A variety of products and services are available from Sines Inc. to meet all of your needs. Sines Inc. is Lake County's premiere distributor of home heating fuel oil but also provides commercial and retail fuel delivery while operating several retail locations of their own. Satisfied customers choose Sines Inc. for the personal level of service received, as same-day delivery is made whenever possible. Call upon Sines Inc. for all of your fuel needs and see why Sines delivers satisfaction.

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